Selecting the report type

TaxLevel offers you a range of country-specific tax and auxiliary reports. Depending on the report type that you select, the availability of the various parameters is restricted (e.g. not being able to select the report currency because the report is always created in the national currency).

In addition to the report type, at most the following report parameters can be defined: report currency; language; inventory method; method of calculating gains/losses and the  reporting period over which the report should be written. In the reference field, you enter a freely definable identifier for your order.

To order several reports, which can comprise different report types and/or ordering parameters, the special report type “Multiple Reports” can be selected. In that case, the parameters described above are sent directly in the data delivery file; for more on this see the section on Uploading financial data.

Uploading financial data

The financial data that is required to produce the report can be sent to TaxLevel using the Excel template that is available on the website. To send us large and/or recurring data deliveries, please contact us, because in this case setting up a specific data interface may be a useful option. TaxLevel has a special way of connecting to external data sources and, with the help of this adapter, an interface can usually be set up at a reasonable cost. TaxLevel normally requires your full data history to work out the estimated cost of a report. One possible approach is for the customer to provide their complete data history each time a report is ordered.  Alternatively, this is only done initially and for subsequent tax periods the customer only supplies TaxLevel with delta data (incremental changes).

A customer’s data delivery can consist entirely of anonymous data.  No data is requested which allows the actual individual to be identified. Each data delivery is identified by a so-called ContainerID that is determined by the customer. The orders are defined for each ContainerID that is sent. More than one report can be ordered simultaneously for the same container (e.g. the same report in different report currencies). The Excel template that is provided by TaxLevel includes Help information about compulsory and optional fields. The completed Excel template can be attached to the order during the ordering process (uploaded), or the customer can send us a download link.

Checking financial data

Our aim is to check the available data as far as possible, with a view to the required end result. The nature and depth of the checking depends on the scope of the data that is sent or is available.  If, for example, starting and/or closing balances can be sent for the target date, then a consistency check will automatically be carried out on all transactions and balances.  If available, all cash transactions can also be traced and automatically checked against the balances.

Any inconsistencies are documented in meaningful error reports which are made available in the customer area. These will indicate, for example, any specific data that is missing, or will explain the inconsistencies and refer to the relevant original data, so that this can be quickly corrected or supplemented. You will be notified as soon as there is an error report in your customer area. After you have analysed the data, you can tell us how to proceed and/or send us a corrected data delivery. Here again, all communication and data exchange is via the TaxLevel platform.

Personal price quotation

You will receive a non-binding price quotation which will be made available in your customer area. Of course, we will notify you to this effect immediately. We hope that you will be impressed by our service. You notify us of your decision via the TaxLevel customer area.

Generating reports

Once your order has been received, the final report is prepared. Because of the checking of your financial data that has already taken place, this step can be accomplished very quickly.

Reusing financial data

If you decide to produce tax reports using TaxLevel again in the future, then you will reap the benefits of reusing your data. In addition to the fact that, for future tax periods, only delta data deliveries will be required, reports and evaluations can be produced at any time on the basis of the historical data that is available.