Requirement Analysis

In this first step, it is important for us to clearly identify and understand the needs of your company. TaxLevel does not see itself as a pure «external provider» only for the creation of reports. With the focus on supporting TaxLevel clients in the production of foreign tax reports, we have to ensure an complete and detailed historical data-source.

Typically, the production of tax reports must be based on historical data sets of different (system) origin. In another scenario, your company is facing a migration to a new core banking platform. Now you have to decide how to handle the legacy data. In these cases, the taxpayer should always receive a consolidated tax report on the respective tax period.

TaxLevel analyzes and advises you in the pre-project phase to find the ideal setup for the data handling (historical + actual) as well as for the project handling. We are familiar with a wide variety of starting positions, for this you can see our sample cases:

Clarification / Pre-Project

Your tax reporting service objectives need to be clearly identified and defined. The following questions arise:

  • Can TaxLevel help you analyze the (legacy-) financial data?
  • Are the (legacy) data needed for tax reporting to be hosted in TaxLevel?
  • What is the data connection (data interface / Excel form)?
  • Which process steps does TaxLevel assume in future tax reporting?
  • What process steps do you process internally?
  • Which process steps are undertaken by third parties, e.g. as information supplier or receiver?
  • What is the future overall process?

Due to the wide range of questions, a step-by-step approach is recommended in many cases. An analysis of the data inventory and the preparation of example reports can serve as a basis for decision-making in this phase. All the work already done in this phase can, of course, be taken over in case of a go for the continuation of the project.

Individual Quotation

We will provide you with a individual quotation. The costs are divided as follows:

  1. Initial costs: Consulting and development costs in the area of ​​data analysis and interface connection / configuration, as well as individual enhancements (for example special report layout configurations).
  2. Report unit costs: Depending on the quantity and desired end product.
  3. Maintenance- / support-costs: Depending on the function scope and individual data connection dependent maintenance costs are payable. Support costs for maintenance, adjustment and error analysis which exceed the maintenance-inclusive portion are charged at the expense.

The TaxLevel platform is offered according to the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. This eliminates the costly implementation of an additional solution in your IT system landscape and NO license fees are payable!

Realization / Configuration

The realization takes place according to your order on the basis of the developed project. The initial work is carried out, the interim results are checked and compared with you.

Generating Reports

TaxLevel can now accept your financial data for processing. The goal is to automatically check the data as far as possible with regard to the desired end result. The type and depth of the test depends on the level of detail of the transmitted or available data. If for example, Initial and / or final stocks are delivered by the key date, a consistency check of all transactions and stocks is carried out automatically. If available, all cash transactions can be tracked and automatically checked with the balances.

The tax reports you need can always be individually configured and ordered at any time. Depending on the data connection, the report processing begins immediately after the order has been received. It is also possible to create ad-hoc reports during the year (for example for tax optimization purposes).

Reusing Financial Data

For future tax reports, which are produced again by using TaxLevel, the effect of the multiple use of your data occurs. In addition to the fact that only a delta data delivery is necessary for future tax periods, reports or evaluations can be generated at any time based on the available historical data.