TaxLevel – Reworked Website

Case studies of our TaxLevel solutions

The reworked TaxLevel website is focusing the areas «companies» and «private persons». Multiple case studies are showing how various challenges are solved by the use of the TaxLevel services.

For Companies

With our new slider graphic on the start page, we are expressing where the journey goes. The digital exchange of information is advancing in a irresetible way, affecting all business fields. TaxLevel is positioned here as a central hub for tax reporting and supplementary services – supported by the technology and with a contemporary approach to business processing and data exchange.

«It’s all about DATA»

Our examples «System Migration» and «System-wide Tax Reports» deal with typical cases that you will encounter in financial institutions. A detailed historical data base is the prerequisite for high-quality tax reports. If this circumstance is not sufficiently recognized, e.g. in case of an core-banking migration project, the possibilities for the future are limited.

«Add-ons and Features»

The «Family Office» example shows the additional potential of the TaxLevel solution. Electronic voucher archive, the availability of the electronic customer reports and the previous day’s view of the portfolio via the TaxLevel Web-customer-portal are listed here as examples.

«Full Flexibility»

Finally, the case study «Configurable Generic Tax Report» shows the possibilities of this report type. Together with the detail reports provided as standard, the values can be reproduced in any case. By using our customer web portal, the customer can configure his «request report» directly.

For Private Persons

In the area of «Private Persons», we are addressing people who are confronted with a more complex initial situation, such as for example, in the case of a voluntary disclosure. The historical processing, combined with the electronic recording, will cause an initial effort. However, this will be paid at the latest when producing future tax reports.