User authentication using ambient sounds – Cooperation with Futurae

TaxLevel offers the highest levels of security and cutting-edge technology by using Futurae’s easy-to-use hands-free two-factor authentication

Security plays a crucial role in the cloud age! The addition of the classic password with additional security features is a mandatory measure for particularly sensitive data, but user-friendliness should not be left out on this.


Using the Cyber Security solution from the Swiss startup Futurae Technologies fits perfectly into the cloud concept of TaxLevel, as it provides a central data security solution. Futurae Technologies was founded by security researchers at ETH Zurich and offers comprehensive solutions and methods in the field of multi-factor authentication and data signing. Prerequisite is an app installed on the smartphone. Unique is the SoundProof technology, which is based on the comparison of ambient sounds of two devices for authentication. This method works without user interaction – more comfort is not possible. And it even works if the smartphone is in your pocket.

In addition to SoundProof, TaxLevel supports the Futurae methods ApproveMobile Auth, QR Code and TOTP for authentication.

The Futurae authentication methods are now used by TaxLevel and can be tested on our demo customer portal.


About Futurae

Futurae offers a strong multi-factor authentication suite that provides a high level of security, improving the customer experience while protecting the privacy of users. The suite is made up of a variety of authentication methods that give companies full flexibility (e.g. push based, mobile only or noise based; the innovative autonomous “Sound-Proof” product). In addition, Futurae enables fast and easy integration into the existing infrastructure and also lowers the total cost of ownership.


About TaxLevel

TaxLevel takes care of the financial-mathematical processing, visualization, storage and provision of current and historical financial data for financial intermediaries. The direct involvement of the stakeholders involved in the process via the web platform as well as the automated, flexible and transparent processing of the end products are key factors. With the SaaS approach (Software as a Service), efficiency can be increased and it allows the organizations to widen the existing product and service offering an in addition to offer totally new products.



Futurae Technologies AG, Uetlibergstrasse 137, CH-8045 Zurich,
Gaetano Mecenero,, Tel. +41 79 233 23 79

TaxLevel AG
, Risistrasse 32, CH-8903 Birmensdorf ZH,
Wolfgang Millat,, Tel. +41 79 239 83 54

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