Tax Report

TaxLevel’s aim is to provide efficient and effective support for its users. In most cases, the end product prepared by TaxLevel is used for tax purposes, but this does not have to be the case.

Report types – country-specific or generic

In addition to country-specific tax reports which, if the customer wishes, can be checked by a competent tax expert, TaxLevel also offers individually configurable reports. On the basis of a generic tax report, an end product can be provided which meets country-specific requirements. This in turn can be used as the basis for checking and further processing by an expert, or for transferring the data directly into the tax return for the target country.

Specific forms or country-specific packages

In addition to tax reports, TaxLevel also offers forms (e.g. for reclaims) and preconfigured report packages for specific countries.

Auxiliary reports

TaxLevel automatically supplies various additional and auxiliary reports together with the requested end product. This means that you can, for example, see the individual items and balances in detail or check the gains and losses calculation.

Error reports

If the data that is supplied leads to errors or inconsistencies being found at any stage of processing, these are listed in detailed error reports. The reports will indicate, for example, any specific data that is missing, or will explain the inconsistencies and refer to the relevant original data, so that this can be quickly corrected or supplemented.